Alex Sepkus

Alex Sepkus always had an affinity for unique and intricate designs. Born and raised in Kaunas, Lithuania, the son of an architect, he originally studied industrial design in Vilnius but soon shifted his focus and considerable talents to jewelry. In 1988, Sepkus gained recognition in his home country with pieces shown in museums in Vilinus and Moscow. A few years later, Alex immigrated to the United States and, with his partner, opened a small workshop in New York.

Alex describes his detailed lines as “half painted, half sculpted.” He employs a signature technique of working on small components under a microscope, using very few tools, before fusing them together to create one finished piece. Each tiny component features such detail that it may require several days for Alex to finish carving a single square inch of surface. This obsession with perfection fuels his desire to be satisfied with every detail. Alex does not derive inspiration from other designers or passing trends, resulting in a distinct and timeless style completely his own.